Mayonnaise Hair Mask to Avoid Hair Damaged by Flat Iron Heat

After 1980s, today in 2017 straight hairs are now back again in fashion. And availability of flat irons has made hair straightening almost absolutely free. But with a magic to make frizzy, curled hairs in to straight, regular use of these hair straightening devices has also bring some side effects as well. These sideeffects include, hair dryness, hair thinning which ultimately lead to hair damage.

These hair damage can also be minimise by use of good branded hair straighteners like of karmin g3 or Nume flat iron. But in order to avoid these flat irons side affects, heat protectants creams or sprays or oils are recommended to apply before straightening of hairs. But as an alternative, one can also use Mayonnaise homemade hair mask recipe to make hairs naturally strong, silky, and ready for flat irons.
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First of all, try to gather the things at one place:

Things You'll Need To Make Hair Protectant

  • mayonnaise = 1cup
  • 1 egg
  • Olive oil
  • Baby oil

Method To Make Heat Protectant:

- Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

- Wet your hair with hot water.

- Gently apply this mask all over your head.

- For best results, try to divide your hair in different small sections and apply the mask evenly to them.

- Brush your hair.

- Wrap your hair in a bun when it is fully covered with the mask.

- You can use plastic bag in order to save your clothes and beddings.

- Keep the mask on for 1 hour or longer in case you are suffering from dry frizzy hair. You can use steam for 10 minutes if you like.

- Use shampoo and a good quality conditioner for hair washing.

- Use cold water for washing purpose as, this will give your hair a shine for a while and close your pores, locking in moisture.
- Now after half an hour you can use flat irons to give further sleek and straight look to your hairs.